Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get a Hobby!

Character development is HARD, especially when it comes to making up what they enjoy doing. The easiest route is to just make them like what you like, but the more characters you have, the harder it gets. I've been racking my brain the past few days trying to figure out what one of my MCs does for fun, and she's not telling. So, for a brute force method, I compiled a list of as many hobbies as I could possibly think of. This list is ever-growing as more hobbies turn up. Yes, I know the image says 101. That's how many there were when I made it, and 101+ doesn't look nearly as nice. In any event, I'm not going to let the fruits of my brain-labor go to waste, meaning you all get to reap the benefits! Below are all the hobbies, neatly categorized into type of hobby. And if you think of something that's not on the list, please leave it in the comments!

Topic Hobby
Career Archaeology
Career Architecture
Career Babysitting
Career Car Repair
Career Chemistry
Career Computer Programming
Career Interior Design
Career Party Planning
Career Robotics
Career Video Game Development
Creative Animation
Creative Building Dollhouses / Making Accessories
Creative Building Furniture
Creative Clothesmaking
Creative Computer Art / Graphic Design
Creative Cosplay
Creative Crafting
Creative Crochet
Creative Dioramas
Creative Doodling
Creative Drawing / Cartooning
Creative Jewelrymaking
Creative Journaling / Blogging
Creative Knitting
Creative Metalworking
Creative Painting
Creative Perler Beads
Creative Photography
Creative Playing Music
Creative Pottery
Creative Scrapbooking
Creative Sculpture
Creative Sewing / Quilting
Creative Theater / Acting / Improv
Creative Woodburning
Creative Woodcarving
Creative Writing
Creative Writing Music
Food Baking
Food Cake Decorating
Food Candy Making
Food Canning / Preserving
Food Cooking
Food Drinking
Food Eating
Food Mixology
Food Mushroom Hunting
Leisure Board Games
Leisure Building Models
Leisure Card Games
Leisure Chess
Leisure Collecting (Any)
Leisure Dancing
Leisure Dollhouses
Leisure Driving
Leisure Fandom
Leisure Fantasy Football
Leisure Gambling
Leisure Guns / Shooting
Leisure Hacky-sack
Leisure Listening to Music
Leisure Playing Pool
Leisure Reading
Leisure Shopping
Leisure Singing
Leisure Sleeping
Leisure Surfing the Internet
Leisure Tabletop Games (D&D, Warhammer)
Leisure Video Games
Leisure Watching TV
Nature Birdwatching
Nature Camping
Nature Exploring
Nature Fishing
Nature Flower Arranging
Nature Gardening
Nature Geocaching
Nature Hiking / Backpacking
Nature Insect Collecting
Nature Stargazing
Other Base-jumping
Other Cleaning
Other Community Service
Other Genealogy
Other Group Activity (4-H, Scouts, etc)
Other Hacking
Other Kleptomania / Theft
Other Studying / Learning
Sports Archery
Sports Baseball / Softball
Sports Basketball
Sports Bowling
Sports Canoeing / Kayaking
Sports Car Racing
Sports Cheerleading
Sports Cross-country / Track & Field
Sports Dodgeball
Sports Exercise / Crossfit
Sports Frisbee / Ultimate Frisbee / Frisbee Golf
Sports Golf
Sports Horseback Riding
Sports Hunting
Sports Jogging
Sports Kickball
Sports Lacrosse
Sports Obstacle Courses/Tough Mudders
Sports Paintball
Sports Parkour
Sports Rock Climbing
Sports Running / Marathons
Sports Skating (Board or Roller)
Sports Skiing
Sports Snowboarding
Sports Soccer
Sports Surfing
Sports Swimming
Sports Tennis
Sports Volleyball
Sports Yoga


  1. I have a great fun reading your blogs. Thank you to the blogger. Have a great day.


  2. I have one! I don't think I saw it on your list, but it might be pertinent in some time periods, or even today. I mean, I do it.

    How about lace making? Bobbin lace or Tatting, maybe? It's a little more obscure, but it's probably a pretty unique thing, but not unheard of even in our modern time.