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Janet Reid's Flash Fiction Contest - 7/30/2015

Prompt words:

There's no place I love more than Grandma's house. Every room's tattooed with my childhood. Crayon on the wall where us kids drew our own picture books. Grandma didn't want to paint over original art. Ice cream stains from fumbled waffle cones. Grandma didn't like the carpet color anyway. Dents in doors from recreating Indiana Jones's boulder scene. Grandma didn't care about door dents, just kid dents.

I asked her to leave the house to me, but Grandma didn't change her will.

I light a match.
Grandma didn't understand. No one else can have her house. Just me. Only me.


Janet Reid's Inner Criminal Flash Fiction Contest - 3/7/2016

Prompt words:

3rd grade
Joe pinched me cuz I wasn’t wearin’ green. I sent him home black and blue. Mama said, “He likes you.”

6th grade
Joe lifted my skirt on picture day “to see if I was really a girl.” I knocked him outta his shoes with one punch. Daddy said, “Boys’ll be boys.”

9th grade
Joe filched my homework and slapped his name on it. I nicked his wallet. The cops said, “Nice girls ain’t reprobates.”

12th grade
Joe said he was gonna make me hurt. I said, “I ain’t seen ‘im, officers” with my dirty hands behind my back.

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