Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Dammy!

I feel obligated to make this one, because Damoclian, a friend from Absolute Write, started up a blog recently, and it's kinda sorta mostly my fault.

You see, Dammy likes to share what he's finished reading in our regular chatty space. And he is... enthusiastic. Obscenely so, with posts filled with exclamation points and emoticons everywhere when he likes it. And it works. His excitement sells us books, makes you curious to read short stories. Imagine if you asked a fangirl to review her favorite book. The result is an average positive review from Dammy. He knows what he likes and he likes what he reads. So I kinda sorta prodded him to start a blog.

And he did.

He's still getting going, mostly reviewing short stories we wrote for the Secret Solstice Sci-Fi Fantasy Story Swap, but he's got books lined up, in that he's already done a few, and many of us are planning on giving him our own once available. So give his blog a look and follow for upcoming reviews.

This has been your shameless plug for the week.

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