Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wherein I Decide To Make A Fool of Myself

We're buds now.
So I'm gonna blame Pokemon Go on the lack of updates the past month. Really, it was just me waffling on a lot of stuff, but still gonna blame Pokemon Go. I just caught a Scyther!

I've been thinking a lot about hobbies and things we say we ought to do "someday." For a lot of people, that's write a book. Been there, still doing that. Most of the time, when I say it, it's about a video game. I was a somewhat late bloomer in the console gaming realm. My first foray into it was the Super Nintendo, and even then, I wasn't the most adventurous. Sure, I had the Marios and the Donkey Kongs and Kirby, but mostly, I had tie-in games like Aladdin and Lion King and Tiny Toon Adventures. If I didn't know the name, I wasn't interested. Meaning I missed A LOT. And I still haven't played a lot.

We're really into watching Lets Players. It's fun to watch these online personalities coast or struggle through games. You get really into it, not unlike sports. Just ask me how many times we've ended up yelling at one of them when they miss power-ups or forget that a baddie pops out right there or any multitude of other gaming errors. And then ask how many times I've said, "I've never even played that, and I could probably do better than them." The answer is "way too much."

Only recently, I've thought, "I should put my money where my mouth is." Try that game. Fail spectacularly. And if I'm going to embarrass myself, well, why not put it online where I could at least entertain people?

So I'm thinking about starting an LP channel. Because I'm so good about keeping up a schedule with anything, right, so let's add one more thing I can neglect? Yeah, I know. It's a supremely bad idea. But I want to try it. I've got friends who would join me as fellow commentators and a supportive husband to beg for aid. I do NOT have a very good internet connection (Hold on, it's time for my daily "Check on the local Google Fiber Status" update... Still under construction with no completion estimate. Sigh.) So I may not be able to livestream, but I could record for Youtube upload. It'll require some testing and trial and LOTS of error, but darn it, I want to try.

If I do progress with this, I'll post links here. I hope you all will come along with me. Well, at least I hope you will if you like watching people make fools of themselves playing video games. Me. Me making a fool of myself playing video games. At least you guys will have a good time.

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  1. My husband and I have been watching some guys who regularly play, "Star Citizen," while its in its beta stages and still being developed. It's a good time watching them scramble and run and accidentally crash their space ships! I'd tune in to you, Maggie. Good luck.......!