Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Long Five Weeks Begins

In January, I said I was working on a short story for a gift exchange.

In February, I finished it and got positive feedback from everyone who read it.

Last night, I put one last spitshine on it and submitted it to Asimov's Science Fiction.

I double, triple, quadruple checked everything. I caught typos everyone had missed, tightened some sentences, and cut 100 unnecessary words. And then I sent it off to a complete stranger to read, judge, and deem worthy or unworthy. I'm expecting a rejection, but no matter what comes of it, I've finally put myself out there. Two decades after I wrote my first story, I finally did what I've been working towards my whole life. It's a surreal feeling. It's not the novel I always envisioned subbing first, but it's a story, it's mine, and it's out of my hands.

They say it usually takes five weeks usually to hear back. It's going to be a long five weeks. I'm going to distract myself by writing something else.


  1. Nice going! Getting that first submission out there is a nail-biter for sure. Good luck on a sale.

  2. Yaaaay! Best of luck, Maxwell, and regardless of the outcome, congratulations!

  3. First congratulations on submitting. I wish you the best of luck. And if it is a rejection, you are still awesome. Don't forget that.

    Second, an excellent idea to distract yourself by writing something else. Have lots of fun with it.