Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brief Update

Just a quick fly-by update on my status.

1. I am alive. Survived the southeastern snow of last week, although the drastic temperature changes are causing havoc on my sinuses. Last Wednesday, we had snow that buried us for days, to the point where there are still patches today. Today, with our 77 degree high. Friday's high is 38. Welcome to North Carolina.

2. Following my last post, I copied out my notes on both the stories I was trying to decide between, one document each. I was expecting to work on both. Story 2, the teenage necromancer, shoved the superhero tax collector out of the way and has run away with my plans. So I guess that answers which one I'll be working on now. It's growing like a weed. A necromantic weed.

3. I spend a good amount of time during the last few weeks updating my Goodreads account. Hadn't touched it since 2012. It took a while, but I'm all up to date now, I think. Feel free to add me as a friend if you have your own account.

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