Monday, February 18, 2013

The Wandering Quille

I swear, this time I'll explain the blog name. I swear it! No more getting sidetracked down memory lane!

Hey that reminds me of a time-


I couldn't tell you where we were going when it hit me. I remember being in the car for a long trip, it was nighttime. My muse returned from her first plotbunny hunt since I was aware of her return, and she brought with her a little old woman who ran a magic shop. Not a normal magic shop, but one of those you read about that "just opened down the road". They're full of weird trinkets and geegaws and gadgets, and the hero always leaves with something. They can try and return it, but the shop will be gone, with no sign it was ever there. This story my muse found, the hero was the shopkeeper, because we never see the story from their point of view. It wondered what happened if something went missing that wasn't supposed to, if the wrong person took the wrong item. How damaging would the fallout be, and how far would the little old woman who ran the place go to right the wrongs?

And thus was born Miranda Quail and the Wandering Quille. For a shop that specialized in making stories, I thought The Wandering Quille was a good name. And when I needed a name for a blog to focus on my writing, what better name was there? The Wandering Quille is the first story at a now long list of plots waiting to be written. It's where it all began again. Not to mention that my quill does indeed wander. I've been trying to make this post for the past three blog posts! The mind wanders and rambles, and the quill goes with it. We have no idea where we'll end up, but it'll certainly be interesting. After all, books are about the journey, aren't they? People always ask "Why didn't the eagles just fly the ring into Mordor?" Because then there's no journey, and if there's no journey, there's no story (well, there are also the countless in-story reasons for why the eagles didn't do more, but this article isn't about my love of Lord of the Rings trivia).

So that's the story of the Wandering Quille. It's a magic shop, it's a rambling blog, and one of these days I'll get around to writing more of both.

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  1. I like the name. I also think you have a great story concept! I can't wait to read it!